I’m Thejus , Born and brought up in Kannur. First, I would like to say about my family. My family is a typical Indian Malayali family with a lot of traditions and customs. Iam have good relationship with my parents, my father’s name is Manoj and he is doing business well my mother’s name sahaja and she is a housewife. And I am having a younger brother too. So, I am Pursuing my MBA under Bharathiyar university. From RVSIMSR college, Coimbatore. The subject that I chose for my post-graduation is Logistics and supply chain management as my major and Digital marketing as minor. My degree Bcom (it) is from the same college ( RVS college of arts and science INTERNSHIP Well about my internship, I am doing my internship in Gilead digitals MY ACHIEVEMENTS STRENGTHS I am hard worker, self-motivating and dedicated towards my work. And also, I’m a good learner from my each and every mistakes. whenever opportunity knocks at my door…… I never missed it. I am a creative person and well planned about my future. My first passion is Acting MY SHORT-TERM GOAL Is to be get placed in a well reputes company and a platform where I can grow my interest along with it.