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We are a team of professionals in India driven by passion to conquer the digital web for our clients.

Together we are armed with decades of combined experience in SEO Serivices , PPC, SMM, ORM, E-mail Marketing, Web Design / Development and Content Management.

Search Engine Optimization

A well thought out seo strategy can launch your business towards great success. Market research, keyword analysis and web analytics help in forming a sound seo strategy that help you hit the top rank in SERPs. For More pls check our SEO Serivices


Pay-per-click campaigns can immensely help in attracting customers in a short time. Clever keyword analysis can help you target effectively and reach those customers who are looking for your product.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing has been rapidly changing the way the game is played on the web. Quite a lot of people spend their on social media and it makes sound business sense to go where the customers are. People look for services on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin and youtube which provide great marketing platforms for businesses.

Web Design / Development

Web design and Development for the modern web is still a very important component of a business. A website built with user interaction and experience (UI & UX) in mind can engage the customer to spend their valuable time on your site.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management involves a wide range of techniques and activites to build a favorable image online. It involves a multi-pronged strategy actively targeting negative attention and content on the web by engaging with the platforms where they are published and dilute them by generating additional promotional content for image building.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing goes along with seo in generating new content which provides opportunities for implementing seo techniques. Content marketing complements seo which help in acheiving better ranking in SERPs as well as attracting the online customer with engaging quality content.

Email Marketing

Gilead Digital has a wing focuses on Email Marketing; we have a team of experts uplift you to success and supports you to achieve new heights in business. Our Email Marketing experts have everything, including suitable and perfect strategy creation. Email marketing plays a key role in relationship building with prospects, leads, and current customers and even past customers.Gilead Digital ensures the tremendous possibilities of business success; yes we’re the title you can rely upon.

App Development

The technology is at the peak of rapid growth and Mobile Phones have become a non detachable part of life. The new generation is obsessively depending on mobile phones; yes the entire world has surrendered to Mobile Phone.The mobile application unburdens goes through communication, education, cooking,shopping, business, and matrimonial. Gilead Digital meaningfully engaged with MobileApp Development, Android App Development, IPhone App Development etc.

What We Do

We work with you in your journey to grow as a successful online business.

We provide a comprehensive set of services that enables your business to reach a generation of people that grows up with the world wide web.


  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Penalty Removal
  • Celebrity SEO
  • Link Building
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO


  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • PPC Audit

Web Design

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Hosting Management
  • Web Maintanance
  • Wordpress Development
  • UX + UI Design

Content Writing

  • Content Writing for Web
  • Google Ads
  • Off Page Content
  • Brouchures

What Clients Are Saying.

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"If I have to say about Gilead Digital in just three words 'Worth Every Penny' . Gilead Digital led by Tinil Joseph has a special way to understand your business and requirements. They delivered what they promised and consistently improved our business".

EJ Jacob Director, Jaico Electricals
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Tinil is a good listener, a trait that has fetched him rich dividends. An expert in SEO, he can bring any web page on digital space to the first page. Tinil is an asset to any organisation who want to optimize their websites and eventually improve their fortunes in the digital space.

Jayashankar Menon Editor, Automotive Script

Our Clients

Digital Marketing Company in India | Digital Marketing Company in India

Our Team


Tinil Joseph

  • BE - Anna University, Chennai
  • Expertise in Digital Marketing with 11 years of Experience

Samuel John

  • BE - Anna University, Chennai
  • Expertise in Web technology with 10 years of Experience

Mrs. Neha Xavier

  • Expertise in Social Media and Content Writing with 17 yrs of Experience

Mrs. Jessi Nibu

  • BA, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Content Strategist with 8 years of Experience


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of targeting audiences to sell or provide services through digital media. There are several strategies and techniques that are used in digital marketing such as pay per click and search engine optimization. Business can boom and even sky-rocket through the social media as the number of those who use it is increasing day by day.

How does Digital Marketing work?

Digital Marketing targets a specific audience and promotes a business by branding that product. Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are key techniques used in Digital Marketing.

When a certain website ranks in the top of a search engine page result (SERP), it causes the probability of getting more clients in the company and increasing business, because most of us tend to click the results that come in the first page of the search.

How Online Internet Marketing can help grow your business?

Each and every business ranging from small and large enterprises can grow with the help of Digital Marketing. The process of acquiring targeted audiences online means the difference of a successful business or a failed one. Business owners have genuine chances of surviving completion and even growth in business.

Why hire a Digital Marketing company?

It is of utmost importance to hire a digital marketing company if you want your online business to thrive. Among the leading businesses, you will be surprised to note that they all use a digital marketing strategy company. The top digital marketing companies in Chennai are said to grow by 30% in the year 2019.

Will Digital Marketing bring leads?

Digital Marketing Services play a great role in leading your company towards the desired success. Generating traffic and creating leads all depend on the marketing strategies of the digital marketing company. In digital marketing, every individual is responsible for the various requirements and qualities that ultimately make the purchasing decision. Fulfilling and nurturing these requirements of the prospective buyer is the ultimate goal and purpose of the digital marketing company.

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