Employee Spotlight: Nithya’s Journey to Employee of the Month

Gilead Digital honors its employees hard work and professionalism. We celebrate one employee who goes above and beyond every month in our Employee Spotlight. For October, we’re happy to recognize Nithya, our talented and committed Employee of the Month. Since joining our team two year ago, Nithya has demonstrated a great work ethic, excitement for … Read more

Gilead Digital Recognizes Anju Varghese as Employee of the Month for September

Gilead Digital awarded Anju Varghese with the distinguished title of Employee of the Month September in appreciation for her outstanding work and unwavering commitment to the company. Anju has worked in the position of SEO Specialist for close to 1.9 years, and during that time she has constantly shown outstanding abilities and expertise. Now as … Read more

Why your Shopify Store Need Professional Digital Marketing Service

Why your Shopify Store Need Professional Digital Marketing Service - Gilead Digital

We know you are all here to read the content on why your Shopify store needs a professional Digital Marketing Service. Before starting the essential Need of hiring a Professional Digital Marketing company in Chennai, we will discuss some points about Shopify and why the founders Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake suggested this for an … Read more

SEO by the Numbers: Latest Trends and Stats for a Successful 2023

If you want to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of SEO, you need to know the latest trends and stats for a successful 2023. SEO is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends is crucial for your online success. One of the key trends for 2023 is the increasing importance of mobile … Read more

Choosing the Best AI Chatbot for Your Business: Bing, GPT, or Bard?

To determine the best AI chatbot for your business, you must choose between Bing, GPT, or Bard. The distinct characteristics and functionalities of these three choices necessitate a thorough evaluation of your particular requirements and objectives. Bing is a popular choice, known for its extensive search capabilities and integration with Microsoft products. It can provide … Read more

Integrating Email and SMS Marketing Strategies for Maximum Impact

If you want to maximize the impact of your marketing strategies, integrate email and SMS for a powerful and engaging customer experience. In the rapidly evolving digital era, establishing connections with customers across various channels becomes paramount. By combining the reach of email marketing with the immediacy of SMS, you can create a seamless and … Read more

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Subdomains or Subfolders for SEO

Avoiding common errors is vital when incorporating subdomains or subdirectories into your SEO strategy to optimize your website’s search engine rankings. You don’t want to fall into the trap of making these errors and limiting the potential of your online presence. So, let’s dive into the top mistakes you should avoid if you want to … Read more

Chatgpt and SEO

SEO Vs Chat Gpt Content

So we were using some of Chat gpt content for our few of our clients, We were happy to get the content readymade to show ranking for our clients easily. Initially we thought we have cracked the content part now and we will overheat others. But that just reminded just a dream with few success. … Read more