At Gilead Digital, we have always placed our employees at the forefront of our success. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence are the pillars upon which our empire is built. In the spirit of recognizing and appreciating our exceptional team lead, we are delighted to announce Mr. Subash M as the Employee of the Month for August 2023.

Subash’s journey to this prestigious accolade is a testament to his unwavering dedication and exceptional performance. Let’s hear from our coworkers who will vouch for the remarkable qualities and contributions that have earned him this recognition.


” After being given the award Employee of the Month. I feel It is an immense honor. I am genuinely happy and see it as my responsibility and opportunity to continue growing and contributing. “

– Subash

Ramkumar, Team Manager, says effective Communication is the key strength of Subash.
“He consistently demonstrates outstanding communication skills by actively participating in every weekly call. His presence and engagement in these discussions contribute significantly to our team’s synergy and cohesion”.

Our entire management applauds Subash for his client-centric Approach: “Subash’s commitment to client satisfaction is exemplary. He consistently provides regular updates to our clients, ensuring they are well-informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle. His ability to establish strong relationships with clients is a key factor in our continued success.”

Saul Francis, Our General Manager, says task management is another area where Subash shines. He consistently completes his tasks well before the deadlines, demonstrating his commitment to efficiency and reliability. This sets an example for his colleagues and ensures that our projects stay on track.

Vivek MT, Head of Operations, says Subash is well versed in competitor analysis: Subash goes above and beyond by conducting meticulous competitor analysis. His in-depth research and insights give us a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Client, Infosearch BPO, appreciates Subash for his exemplary presentations. Subash’s dedication to delivering meticulous presentations is commendable. He not only conveys information effectively but also does so with a keen eye for detail, making his presentations informative and engaging.

Mr. Subash M’s commitment to excellence, teamwork, and client satisfaction makes him a shining star within our organization. His achievements inspire all of us at Gilead Digital, and we are proud to have him as a part of our team.