Gilead Digital awarded Anju Varghese with the distinguished title of Employee of the Month September in appreciation for her outstanding work and unwavering commitment to the company.

Anju has worked in the position of SEO Specialist for close to 1.9 years, and during that time she has constantly shown outstanding abilities and expertise.

Now as a Team Lead, her mindful commitment to digital marketing has been valuable to all of her clients, including ZMARTBUILD, Elysian Inspires, VRTM Chennai, Woodway Homestay Chikmagalur, Sunpure Oil etc.

Anju, whose international client Zmartbuild applauded her, reveals her blog strategies.
By analysing competitors sites and  with the current trend will choose the topics. Mostly include long tail keywords in it which helps to rank fast and for sub headings choose the keywords with lesser search volume “

Anju’s ability to systematically evaluate the websites of her competitors and her knack to stay updated with recent developments are two of her most notable strengths. As a result of this, she is able choose topic areas that are relevant and that connect with particular demographics. 

Anju continues to dedicate herself to her own advancement within the field of digital marketing, despite the fact that she has already been recognized as Employee of the Month. Her goal is to build herself as a prominent digital marketer, and she is striving hard to accomplish this objective.

Sanoj, the leader of our team, is overjoyed by her acheivement. He says “ I am thrilled to congratulate my colleague for being awarded the Best Employee of the Month. Her unwavering dedication, consistent accuracy in meeting deadlines, and remarkable monitoring skills have truly set her apart. Her creative prowess shines through in the exceptional reports she produces, making her a deserving recipient of this recognition.

Because of the Anju’s dedication she has shown toward achieving the highest possible standards in the field of Search Engine Optimisation, Gilead Digital selected her to receive the Employee of the Month award.