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We are a team of professionals in Chennai & Cochin driven by passion to conquer the digital web for our clients.

Together we are armed with decades of combined experience in SEO services, PPC, SMM, E-mail Marketing, Web Design / Development and Content Management. We also focus expensively on online reputation management. Your reputation online dictates how people view your organization as they look for it online or come upon it. As a result, online reputation management (ORM) proactively impacts what data individuals can find.

For example, by ranking your own or third-party more favorable material above it, various techniques and tactics can help you drive harmful and damaging content further down the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Why is this meaningful? Since the top five listings earn about two-thirds of all clicks in Google's search results. However, ORM isn't all about handling content in search engines. It's all about handling negative market reviews and encouraging more positive input from satisfied customers. With these characters, it is not possible to understate the value of your personal and professional integrity online.

The four different digital marketing networks involved in ORM often referred to as the PESO Model, are here.

The Paying Media
Paid media covers all marketing campaigns requiring payment on external websites and networks to feature your company. This includes Google AdWords, PPC advertisements, Facebook show ads, and supported posts on industry/influencer websites. By building new partnerships with partners and clients, paid media expands your scope and increases traffic to your web assets.

Media Won
Earned media describes the business's coverage of external web entities that you did not pay for. It demands that you stand out with great content, goods, or services from your competition that consumers consider worth sharing, mentioning, reposting, and evaluating.

The Social Media
Social media accounts and profiles are "an extension of your brand and provide additional ways for people to connect." When it comes to social assets, by participating in discussions and posting new content frequently, it is essential to devote the time to remain involved. As a general rule, it is better not to have a profile on a particular network than to have an inactive one.

Properties Owned
Your company websites and blogs are your property, which implies that you have total control over them. Of course, the more assets you possess, the greater your chances of developing your digital presence effectively. Simultaneously, by establishing properties that can not be separated from one another, you don't want to create confusion.

Decide what you want your reputation online to be
The first step with ORM is to determine what you want your reputation online to be. Will you want to be regarded as an expert in the industry? To take the spot as the leader in the market? Or are you remembered for your responsiveness and exemplary customer service?

Evaluating your current standing online
By deciding what your real reputation is, you can begin. When they hear your company's name, ask friends, family, customers, business partners, and stakeholders what comes to mind. What are people saying about you already? Does your digital presence on your offline network fit your reputation? Five instruments that will help you study and assess your digital reputation are described below.

The Grader for Brand
The Brand Grader (from Mention) offers free insight into the online presence of your brand. The last 30 days will recognize the most popular blogs and news websites that have published content featuring your company and display recent social sources mentions. The tool also provides you with a score that helps you understand your organization's reputation's strengths and limitations.

Mention is a website that searches blogs and many other Web assets from more than 1 billion references from social media networks and forums. You can use it by using various search criteria to track your brand, rivals, and customers.

Alerts via Google

  •     You can maintain track of new content published about your company with the help of Google Notifications. Furthermore, you can track industry news and monitor your rivals. This lets you find new ways for guest blogging and commenting.
  •     All you need to do to set up an alert is to check for a particular keyword and determine how much you want to receive updates via email about new content. You may also identify sources of information, such as news websites, blogs, or videos, and choose the language and geographical area you prefer.
  •     What's nice about Google Notifications is that it's free and contains all Google-indexed content, so you're not going to miss anything.

Alerts from Talkwalker

  •     Talkwalker Alerts calls itself an "alternative to Google Alerts." With Talkwalker's free support, you can control all about your brand online and track the activities, recent events, and so on of your competitors.
  •     You need to identify a keyword to set up an alert; enter your email address; choose your target language, number, and results in types; and choose how often (daily or weekly).
  •     Establish a Social Media Strategy that supports your reputation goals to guide interaction
  •     Getting an efficient social media strategy in place is the next step in creating an A+ online presence. Social networking policy relates to how a business and its workers communicate online.

When designing your strategy, here are a few key points to bear in mind:

  •     Don't allow staff members to freely post whatever comes to mind, mainly if your company is linked to the material. Protecting your integrity is one explanation for that. Liability is the other reason. You might instruct your staff to mark all of their posts as "private" to keep it straight or, if necessary, establish a pre-approval process for content.
  •     Sensitive data, including financial, legal, and private client information, should never be shared with the public.
  •     All about professionalism is captivating online reputation. This also refers to social media content publishing.
  •     Reserve the right to edit or remove potentially harmful content.
  •     Designing a plan for social media posts to enhance your desired reputation.

A plan for social media content describes the issues and topics that your organization or brand needs to concentrate on, the use of keywords and forms of media (articles, video, podcasts), and who is responsible for the production and delivery of content, who does not always have to be the same person. For your social media marketing plan, below are some main points. Let's also look at our other core services in Chennai.

Search Engine Optimization

A well thought out seo strategy can launch your business towards great success. Market research, keyword analysis and web analytics help in forming a sound seo strategy that help you hit the top rank in SERPs.


Pay-per-click campaigns can immensely help in attracting customers in a short time. Clever keyword analysis can help you target effectively and reach those customers who are looking for your product.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing has been rapidly changing the way the game is played on the web. Quite a lot of people spend their on social media and it makes sound business sense to go where the customers are. People look for services on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linked and youtube which provide great marketing platforms for businesses.

Web Design / Development

Web design and Development for the modern web is still a very important component of a business. A website built with user interaction and experience (UI & UX) in mind can engage the customer to spend their valuable time on your site.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management involves a wide range of techniques and activites to build a favorable image online. It involves a multi-pronged strategy actively targeting negative attention and content on the web by engaging with the platforms where they are published and dilute them by generating additional promotional content for image building.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing goes along with seo in generating new content which provides opportunities for implementing seo techniques. Content marketing complements seo which help in acheiving better ranking in SERPs as well as attracting the online customer with engaging quality content.

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Tinil is a good listener, a trait that has fetched him rich dividends. An expert in SEO, he can bring any web page on digital space to the first page. Tinil is an asset to any organisation who want to optimize their websites and eventually improve their fortunes in the digital space.

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