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SEO Agency Chennai

Are you looking for SEO Company in Chennai?

Gilead Digital Company in Chennai offers SEO services in Chennai at affordable rates. Gilead Digital offers unique services to customers by giving complete value for the money they invest in getting their business at the top of the search engine pages.

What are the differences between Gilead Digital Company vs Others

  • Price : While Gilead Digital’s cost is reasonable, other leading SEO Companies are high in price.
  • Agreement : If you are not satisfied with our services, you can leave that month with no penalty. On the other hand, other companies require an agreement of anywhere between 6 months to years.
  • Guarantee : Businesses do not give 100% guarantee and even if anyone says then it is not entirely accurate. Our main aim is to offer value services that will meet the requirement of our clients and satisfy them by the services we provide.
  • Value : While many other companies promise quality service, those who give the highest payment will be given more priority. At Gilead, we give complete value to the customer.
  • Other Services : We provide only SEO services at our company but they are of utmost quality. Other companies may offer multiple services; however, the quality will not be as high.
  • Knowledge : We have a vast knowledge on SEO. For example, we experiment, analyze and comprehend which will go into completion. Other companies have a limited knowledge as they are more occupied in selling their SEO packages rather than analyzing the search engine rules.

  • While we work only on limited projects, we don’t work with everyone who is interested in our services but works with very few clients to provide more valuable work for the projects we have chosen. Other companies work with anyone and the more clients they get, the more money they make.

    Gilead Digital Company charges

    Our services initially from Rs 15,000 per month as a base pay. We charge for initiating work on your project and using all the best possible SEO strategy to get you on first page. We are able to achieve first page rankings, and then we charge the proposed price. If at any chance failed, then there will not be any charge of proposed price apart from the base pay. We provide the full plan and clarity on what going to be done and how much time it can take for desired results and you have the flexibility to go with your desired base pay.

    Will I need to take SEO services compared to paid ads?

    SEO is the most reliable form of traffic you can get for your business. Additionally, when you are pursuing with paid ads marketing, you keep on paying for display of your ads, whereas SEO in spite of the fact that it takes time to get displayed in the top results, it is going to be fruitful and much better investment when you compare to paid marketing.

    Simultaneously, you don’t need to pay for the organic traffic which are getting from SEO, while for Paid ads, one must pay for each time you get traffic apart from paying the agency which maintains those ads.


    Frequently asked questions about SEO

    Is there any guarantee for the results?

    While no company which is genuine ever offers a guarantee for the SEO results, because of the fact that Search Engine Algorithms keep on changing and so there can’t be guarantees on something which changes constantly. Additionally, even those who have 100% successful projects in the past cannot predict that on future results as there is no hard and fast rule that everything will be successful all the times. In spite of that, we get updated with the latest trends and attempt our best to adopt to the changes and work on the project in a such way that we do put maximum efforts to get satisfactory results.

    Am I required to sign a Contract or agreement?

    The better portion of companies will work on the contract or agreement basis where you need to sign the agreement deal for a minimum of 6 months to 2 years and not only that, but will be paying the fees upfront as well. While we offer no contract SEO services, if you think that we are not a good fit for you, then you can quit the next month and choose another which feels comfortable for you. We also won’t charge upfront a fee for 6 months or so, we only charge a monthly fixed fee and take successful ranking fee up on achieving results only if it was attained.

    Do you provide Local SEO services?

    Yes, we also offer Local SEO services. Local SEO services means perfecting your Google My Business Page listing in order to ensure it receives top rankings for your targeted keywords in the local search engine results. Additionally, it became a leading trend in attracting the business for companies as search engines like Google which frequently show local listings as well when users search any service related queries. So having your Local Listing at top can help your potential clientele to reach your business.

    How much time would it take for results to be attained?

    For the most part, it solely depends upon the competition level and authority of the website to measure how much time it will take for results. However, most of the time, based on the competition level, it is estimated to see the results anywhere from 6 to 12 months for a pretty new website and can take a little lower time for an established website.

    Do you build on Existing Projects?

    Yes, we certainly do work on pretty new projects and existing projects as well. However, we need to complete a full analysis on all the past SEO practices of your past SEO company, when we need to work on Existing projects and then only can we come to a conclusion on how we can improve the things or work better to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

    Gilead Digital Company in Process

    First, we meet the client and come to know their requirement.

    Next, we analyze and understand the business and competition of the client

    Furthermore, we propose the workable SEO plan to client with estimated time for expected results.

    Lastly, we work on the proposed plan and send monthly reports on the progress.

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    F1, IPPO 5, OMR Road,
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