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SEO Agency Chennai - சென்னையில் சிறந்த எஸ்சிஓ நிறுவனம்

Are you looking for SEO Company in Chennai?

Gilead Digital Company in Chennai offers SEO services in Chennai at affordable rates. Gilead Digital offers unique services to customers by giving complete value for the money they invest in getting their business at the top of the search engine pages.

SEO, search engine optimization is a vast domain. There are two main types of optimization services, on page optimization services, and off page optimization services. On page optimization involves the fine-tuning of the content placed on the website. Off page optimization deals with the implementation of a strategy based link building techniques. We polish the SEO so as to have our best foot forward.

We have technical SEO as our backbone so that we can stand out. Only the best keywords won't help you to catch crawlers, but must have good content. We row your website to the right direction. As a top seo company in Pondicherry, Chennai and Our great marketing strategies makes customer feels smart not only just company looks good. We create client website audit report

Why Gilead Digital?

Founded On 2018
Our CEO Tinil Joseph
Our Team Size 30+
Our Clients Bhima Gold, Zifo, Uppercase, Broomees, Mojro, Technomax, etc. Totally current we have 50+ active running projects.
Our SEO Services Keywords research, website audit, keywords mapping, blogs posting, meta tags implementation, link building, content optimization etc. 
Our Contact Number +(91)90031-16482
Our Service Charge 22k/month is our affordable SEO service charge
Our Website https://www.gileaddigital.in/
Our Headquarters F1, IPPO 5, OMR Road, Chemmancherry, Chennai 600119.

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What are the differences between Gilead Digital Company vs Others SEO Company in Chennai

While we work only on limited projects, we don’t work with everyone who is interested in our services but works with very few clients to provide more valuable work for the projects we have chosen. Other companies work with anyone and the more clients they get, the more money they make.

Gilead Digital Company charges - Our SEO Packages in Chennai

Our services initially from Rs 22,000 per month as a base pay. We charge for initiating work on your project and using all the best possible SEO strategy to get you on first page. We are able to achieve first page rankings, and then we charge the proposed price. If at any chance failed, then there will not be any charge of proposed price apart from the base pay. We provide the full plan and clarity on what going to be done and how much time it can take for desired results and you have the flexibility to go with your desired base pay.

Will I need to take SEO services compared to paid ads?

SEO is the most reliable form of traffic you can get for your business. Additionally, when you are pursuing with paid ads marketing, you keep on paying for display of your ads, whereas SEO in spite of the fact that it takes time to get displayed in the top results, it is going to be fruitful and much better investment when you compare to paid marketing.

Simultaneously, you don’t need to pay for the organic traffic which are getting from SEO, while for Paid ads, one must pay for each time you get traffic apart from paying the agency which maintains those ads.

SEO for entrepreneurs and business owners or SEO Consulting

So, you're an entrepreneur? You have a lot of questions about SEO and how it works. Don't worry - we've got your back! In this two day training program for entrepreneurs in Chennai or any other city (available worldwide), learn all the answers to these burning queries before making such important decisions: What is right agency that will fit what I need-wise; when can they start working on my project/project ideas?? Don't worry we've got you covered from day 1-2 deep lectures on how search engine optimization works and what makes an effective strategy for success in this industry as well as by using some useful tools like Google Analytics or Ahrefs that will allow us better understanding where improvements can be made so please join our training sessions if interested

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SEO Services

Best Affordable SEO Services We Provide in Chennai?

Most users begin their search on the web with a keyword- that keyword is enough to build searches to better rank your business profile. Our team at Gilead Digital offers modern and advanced SEO services backed by proper digital practices to help your brand. We build responsive strategies to increase your website's traffic and improve your rankings for all the vetted and long-tail keywords.

SEO Audit

The merits and demerits of your current SEO parameters are identified by thoroughly analysing your website and strategic prospective plans are created to redress the shortcomings and to brush up your website. We help you attain the ultimate SEO goals by identifying, examining and setting SEO elements for your website with the help of vast array of SEO tools. Free SEO audit is also provided. If you would like to know SEO optimization score of your website, contact us now or WhatsApp your website URL and our team will get back to you in 2 hrs with complete SEO report.

Keyword Research SEO

In this crucial phase, we carry out an extensive inspection of globally sought- after search keywords. Spotting the suitable keywords for creating an SEO Strategy for your brand is of utmost significance. We scrutinize the search volume of every long and short-tail keyword. Apart from this, we engage in identifying your competitors and pick out the keywords that fetches maximum growth to your business.

Penalty Removal

The primary step to revamp your rankings while following Google and its algorithm is proper penalty removal. Google scrutinises all websites for algorithmic penalties and manual actions. We, at Gilead digital thoroughly examine your website for identifying any defilements that can invite a Google penalty. Our objective is to eliminate probable Google penalties to save your website from huge risk, data loss, and impairment.

Celebrity Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are a celebrity or a person searching for extensive online presence, you are at the right place. Our team at Gilead Digital offers committed celebrity SEO services. Campaigns are run to make certain that you acquire progressively rising online presence by applying 100% "white hat" techniques to build your profile online. Celebrity SEO services include: creating a favourable profile online, enhancing promotional web content, filtering bad reviews and negative results and weakening your negative image by creating quality links.

Link Building Service

Building proper and perfect backlinks for your website is crucial for a brand or business in this competitive online market and helping you get more traffics from diffrent sources and also help you become a visible search on Google and improve your ranking, we help every businesses in increasing the number of Unique Root Domains and overall backlinks for the main website. We also pay importance to study the competitor's strategies for link building to help reap better results.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Our 5+ years exprienced SEO specialists work dedicatedly to optimizing several SEO parameters right from adding best potentials keywords to working on onpage schema in target pages to enhance your website's relevancy and increase the user experience to rank your business higher on Search Engine Results Page.

Local And Global SEO Services

As a part of the SEO services in Pondicherry, Chennai, we offer both local and global SEO services based on your requirement. From creating backlinks to guest blog posting, we will design all optimization services based on your website reach.

Competitor Analysis

In order to do well in the market, we should know the strengths and weakness of our competitors. Our SEO experts will do a thorough analysis of your competitors to identify areas of improvement and develop customized SEO packages.


SEO Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know!!!

How long will it take for SEO to show positive results?

After completing a thorough SEO audit for your website, we identify the weakness and strengths of the same. Further, our experienced developers, content writers, and developers design a well thought out SEO strategy customized to your business requirement. The process of identification, creation of strategy, and implementing the same is a continuous process for 3-4 months. The completion of 3 months marks the end of the SEO cycle and you are guaranteed to see results within the same time limit.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO meant to the process of optimizing your website with lead gearing keywords and rank naturally on google, algorithm-controlled search engine rankings. Enhancing key words, backlinking, bettering site infrastructure, and writing top class content can uplift a website’s organic traffic.

Which SEO company is best for small business?

We as a company can not say any name with regards to best seo agecny, but definelty we could let you know how to find one. If you search for any seo realted keywords and you could check out top 7 company in search results of google, those 7 companies you could consider for your seo projects If they are in top 7 rank of SERP then definelty they could rank your aswell and further by you could take some interview and understant their background works

Is SEO a good career and Business?

You could definetly take SEO as you Career As well since today is the day of internet and numbers are increesing. If you take any industires right from software to hospital, from automobile to realestate or you name it and seo is there so you could definetly consider this as one of your career path.

Is there any guarantee for the results?

While no company, which is genuine, ever offers a guarantee for the SEO results, because of the fact that Search Engine Algorithms keep on changing and so there can’t be guarantees on something which changes constantly. Additionally, even those who have 100% successful projects in the past cannot predict that on future results as there is no hard and fast rule that everything will be successful all the times. In spite of that, we get updated with the latest trends and attempt our best to adopt to the changes and work on the project in a such way that we do put maximum efforts to get satisfactory results.

Why is SEO important in 2023?

SEO is prominent to every business which has a thrust to grow, get more chances, and have prolonged results. SEO is lower than paid search ideas and promises great ROI, confirming reliability and esteem. With algorithm differences, the tactic of mobile usage and voice search, same SEO and the hike of featured snippets - SEO is very relevant and problematic than ever.

Am I required to sign a Contract or agreement?

The better portion of companies will work on the contract or agreement basis where you need to sign the agreement deal for a minimum of 6 months to 2 years and not only that, but will be paying the fees upfront as well. While we offer no contract SEO services, if you think that we are not a good fit for you, then you can quit the next month and choose another which feels comfortable for you. We also won’t charge upfront a fee for 6 months or so, we only charge a monthly fixed fee and take successful ranking fee up on achieving results only if it was attained.

Do you provide Local SEO services?

Yes, we also offer Local SEO services. Local SEO services means perfecting your Google My Business Page listing in order to ensure it receives top rankings for your targeted keywords in the local search engine results. Additionally, it became a leading trend in attracting the business for companies as search engines like Google which frequently show local listings as well when users search any service related queries. So having your Local Listing at top can help your potential clientele to reach your business.

Do you build on Existing Projects?

Yes, we certainly do work on pretty new projects and existing projects as well. However, we need to complete a full analysis on all the past SEO practices of your past SEO company, when we need to work on Existing projects and then only can we come to a conclusion on how we can improve the things or work better to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

How much time would it take for results to be attained?

For the most part, it solely depends upon the competition level and authority of the website to measure how much time it will take for results. However, most of the time, based on the competition level, it is estimated to see the results anywhere from 6 to 12 months for a pretty new website and can take a little lower time for an established website.

Our Clients

SEO Company in Chennai


Connecting Creativity &
Digital Marketing

Be brave enough to listen to your heart. We are one among the bravest. Gilead Digital, SEO company in Chennai, connects creativity with digital marketing, Check out our Interns on how they connect their talent with Digital marketing our very new approach. No one can take our place as we are irreplaceable.

You’ve Definitely landed in the right place for your SEO Services. Gilead Digital is one of the top 3 seo services company in Chennai with right bandwidth to tackle your competitors, and we can help you crush your competitors with our cutting-edge seo techniques.

Gilead Digital is the best SEO company in your area. We have extensive experience with cutting-edge SEO techniques that are proven to be effective for online marketing campaigns. Whether you're looking for a new website, an optimized blog post or just want someone to manage all of your digital activities, we can help! Contact us today and see how our expertise can take your business from good to great. Have you tried any of these neuroscience principles? Yes! Call Gilead Digital Now for your SEO activities For your digital Act

Gilead Digital Company in Process

First, we meet the client and come to know their requirement.

Next, we analyze and understand the business and competition of the client

Furthermore, we propose the workable SEO plan to client with estimated time for expected results.

Lastly, we work on the proposed plan and send monthly reports on the progress.

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