SEO Freelancer in Bangalore

Hey guys, Are you looking for the best freelancer in Bangalore?, then I can introduce you suzee, the best yet the coolest freelancer around Bangalore Area. Do you want to know more about me then scroll on.


Hi, I’m Leena Susan P Antony and I’m an electrical engineer. Even though I have such a great name, I like to be called as Suzee. I am from Bangalore and I’m a boisterous person in nature. Now I’m working as a SEO freelancer in Bangalore.

SEO Freelancer / Consultant In Bangalore:

I have been working with Gilead Digital for a couple of years as a freelancer and worked on many projects under the leadership of Mr. Tinil Joseph and Helga who have been helping me to get rank keywords of their clients. Even I have brought some keywords up for Gilead digital. 

Following are the keywords which I have worked for Gilead Digital.

SEO agency in Thrissur  – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Trivandrum – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Kozhikode – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Palakkad – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Thalassery – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Jayanagar – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency of Coimbatore – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Velachery – Ranking in 1st page of Google
SEO agency in Bangalore – Ranking in 1st page of Google

If any of you want to outsource your project to me so you can contact Gilead digital and connect me. Thanks in Advance.


I completed my schooling at St.Joseph. Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Hosur. Unlike everyone I wasn’t studious, yet I had tried to maintain my rank within the first 10. I passed out from my school like a pearl from the finest pearl Oyster because they gave me the knowledge to see this world in a new angle. Currently I’m pursuing my 2nd year of B.E. at Government College of Engineering, Bargur. Even Though I am enjoying my college life, I am trying my best to maintain my CGPA at least to the average level.


I’m very much fond of science that too physics and biology. Apart from that I’m an inborn speaker and I have hosted 8 to 10 events and numerous seminars, currently preparing myself for a Tedtalk. I’m a creative writer. I have written numerous contents even. Currently working part-time as official blog writer of Gilead digital, the leading digital marketing company. My ultimate aim is to attract the reader in my own way and not to make my readers bored.I don’t know how much I have succeeded in that yet I’ll try my best in making it attractive. I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. I have participated in dance events in my school as well as in college. 


I was awarded district 2nd on a district level elequation competition.
I was ranked 36th in my National level talent exam during my schooling.
Ability of making you to read my content eagerly is also one of my achievements.


I already shared with you about my creativity. I wish to help others with my talents. That’s why I chose digital marketing and wanted to help clients in and around the Bangalore area. Then you might have a doubt then why did I chose to physics and biology as my area of interest. But trust me there is some physics to know about this digital marketing. So that’s the reason. When I analyze, I figured that Gilead digital is one of the leading digital marketing company and there were many who came forward with this suggestion,that’s why I chose this as my career.


My goal is to make you guys entertain with my speech and my writing and also to become a successful entrepreneur.

Thank you so much for being so patient and reading my content. Now you might know the name of the coolest freelancer around the Bangalore Area.