Hy , Before getting into the introduction part I think everyone are safe at home . well, take care of yourself and stay with your family.

So, I’m Varsha.T , 1yr MBA  student of RVS IMSR, sulur. Born and brought up in Kannur. Completed my 10th and 12th under central board of secondary education from Kadambur English School. My degree was under Kannur university from Chinmaya Mission College. And now Pursuing ma MBA under Bharathiyar university. The subject that i chose for my post-graduation is Digital Marketing and Human Resource. Actually my pathway of education was  a different one, for 11th and 12th I was a computer science student and then for degree I chose BA English and now MBA , so many of them asked me about this ,”taken BA English and why didn’t u opt for MA or B.Ed.”, the reason behind that is I searched about both so from that I thought it is better to choose MBA .Now a days and in the coming scenario all the business are through digital medias and I  think Digital Marketing is the most scope full subject.

My achievements

I have been selected as one of the marketing executive head in RVSIMSR. Which I consider as the biggest achievement I get.

My strengths

 I am hard worker, self-motivating and dedicated towards my work. And also, I’m a good learner too.

My weakness

 I don’t like to say weakness but I like to say scope for improvement, one is fear and the other is lack of confidence but still whenever opportunity knocks at my door….. I never missed it

My hobbies

Singing well I think emotions are better expressed through songs and it helps us to get rid of tensions and depression, then I use to dance(classical) and mural painting . my free times are usually spent by involving in such hobbies

I have worked on 3 pages for Gilead digital during my Internship. They are as follows,

  • Website

In order to continue my passion for dance and music in future I have started a new website named rhythmsquad


The main goal of this particular website is to show my talent to the world and to motivate others through it.

  • YouTube
  • Instagram page


So I wish to continue those along with my career.

My short-term goal

Is to be get placed in a well reputes company and a platform where I can grow my interest along with it.

My ethic is “i never neglect an opportunity for my improvement”.