So we were using some of Chat gpt content for our few of our clients, We were happy to get the content readymade to show ranking for our clients easily. Initially we thought we have cracked the content part now and we will overheat others. But that just reminded just a dream with few success. Pls find the our insights below!

ChatGpt Vs SEO Test 1 – we created diffrent location page for each of the service provided by our clients, we added images and in one day we were able to create 26 pages. After few day we checked our ranking and to our surprise we were able to see good improvement, we were ranking good for all our location page, but unfortunately we found after 2 or 3 weeks all our ranking was down and eventually we lost all our ranking.

ChatGpt Vs SEO Test 2 – We did try for other client of us we got the same result as we got in test 1

ChatGpt Vs SEO Test 3 – We tried now in our own website Gilead digital but this time it did not work at all i.e we created all the content fixed the alignment of the page all well set but we didn’t get the ranking itself. So we rewritten all the content then we were able to get some ranking.

ChatGpt Vs SEO Test 4: This time we tool half the content from the ChatGpt and Remanning half we put the our own efforts and we see wonders, we were able to rank and good and some keywords were ranking at top 3, and would say that we had keyword difficulty below 25 !

Let me know what you think of this ? and let me know you experience in the comments sections!

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