Gilead Digital honors its employees hard work and professionalism. We celebrate one employee who goes above and beyond every month in our Employee Spotlight. For October, we’re happy to recognize Nithya, our talented and committed Employee of the Month. Since joining our team two year ago, Nithya has demonstrated a great work ethic, excitement for her professional life, and a positive attitude. This article discusses Nithya’s time at Gilead Digital, her accomplishments, and what makes her a great performer. Nithya’s story inspires all Gilead Digital employees and highlights our principles and culture. Celebrate and read about Nithya’s path to Employee of the Month.

Employee of the Month - Nithya

Nithya earned recognition from Finanshels, a client based on the United Arab Emirates who provides corporate tax and other financial accounting services, for the outstanding work she did.

Last month, they were profitable in getting leads as a result of our SEO work.

Nithya elaborates on her game plan.

Finanshels improved the SEO ranking of the keywords and created new location pages with the goal to boost their search engine optimization rating. There had been not much traffic in those keywords as search terms. We created pages customized for the location, and as an outcome, we came out on top there. The above plan was put into action. The client not only obtained excellent leads but also saw a spike in website traffic.

The main idea of Nithya is to “find out the most happening places,” following which location must create webpages and create new keywords.

Nithya holds a vision of developing both her professional and personal skills, and she is making progress toward that goal.

Ramkumar, the team’s Manager, holds Nithya in the highest regard.
Quoting him “ Nithya consistently dedicates herself to work, exhibiting remarkable determination along with considerable amounts of reflection. She is extremely skilled at articulating the concepts she has in team meetings. She additionally conducts a lot of independently conducted research and works fast to put her plans into effect, paying close attention to each little detail. She demonstrates an extremely strong work ethic and handles duties effectively coordinating multiple projects at a time. “

Nithya climbed the ranks by becoming the Employee of the Month at Gilead Digital, which is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for her profession. Her work ethics have not only contributed to the growth of the company but have also inspired her colleagues to strive for excellence. We always recognize the importance of recognizing the efforts of our employees. Nithya’s success story is a bright example of how determination and a strong work ethic can lead to success in any organization. We are delighted to have Nithya as a member of the Gilead Digital team and look forward to her continued growth and success at Gilead Digital.